Nike Releases New Weightlifting Shoes — Nike Savaleos

The latest weightlifting shoe from the American apparel and fitness gear company is here.

The new hybrid-lifting shoe from Nike — the Nike Savaleos — was released on April 1, 2021. Much like its predecessor, the Nike Romaleos, which have seen four iterations, the Savaleos are designed for Olympic weightlifters. However, unlike the Romaleos, the Savaleos are also designed to handle functional fitness workouts similar to the ones seen in CrossFit. Here are the main features:

  • The Savaleos feature a wide sole and sturdier grip around the toe-box — a helpful addition when performing box jumps and most lateral movements.
  • They maintain the hook-and-loop strap, similar to the Romaleos, to keep the foot secure during heavy lifts like thrusters or clean & jerks.
  • The padded mesh inset at the heel allows for easier breathability while simultaneously helping to absorb impact better.
Nike Savaleos
Image via Nike

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One of the notable differences aside from the versatility of the Savaleos compared to the Romaleos is the heel. The Savaleos still features an elevated heel for entry-level weightlifters or weightlifters in need of assistance with ankle mobility; however, the height is reduced to 12.7 millimeters from the Romaloes’ 19 millimeters. This change means transitioning from an Olympic weightlifting movement to a gymnastic movement will feel a bit more natural. Those who routinely perform CrossFit WODs or compete in the CrossFit Open are likely to appreciate this alteration.

The other significant feature is also found on the Nike Metcons — the Savaleos include a handstand push-up clip on the heel. This heel clip, which is about an extra inch of material, helps prevent additional friction against the wall so handstand push-ups can be completed more smoothly. Going right from a barbell movement into handstand push-ups without having to switch shoes can shave seconds off of a score, which could make the difference between winning or losing an event.

Nike Savaleos Gold
Image via Nike

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The Nike Savaleos are currently available on for $120 in two different color combinations — Black/Grey Fog/Laser Orange/White OR Grey Fog/Dark Smoke Grey/Bright Citron/Dark Smoke Grey. The trademark Nike swoosh is visible on the outer side of each upper and each sole.

Featured image: Nike