How To Watch Rauno Heinla Vs Jerry Pritchett Deadlift For Reps World Record

The two strongmen will battle head-to-head pulling 400kg/882lb for reps!

This Saturday, June 20th, 2019 World’s Ultimate Deadlift champion Rauno Heinla will take on 2017 America’s Strongest Man Jerry Pritchett in a one-on-one 400kg/882lb deadlift for reps challenge to set a new world record.

Both Heinla and Pritchett will attempt to deadlift 400kg/882lb for as many reps as possible in 75 seconds.

The head-to-head battle will be featured in episode seven of World’s Ultimate Strongman’s (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series. The series has recently seen strongwoman Rhianon Lovelace set a new lightweight Atlas Stone world record and strongman Rob Kearney break his previous American record log lift.

Episode seven is headlined by Julius Maddox‘s 363kg/800lb all-time world record bench press attempt. It will also feature the “Beasts of the Bench”, where bench press specialists such as Johnnie Harris will attempt to become the lightest man ever to lift 317.5lb/700lb

The Heinla versus Pritchett deadlift for reps world record challenge will be live streamed via and on Rogue Fitness YouTube channel at 11am EST / 4pm UK.


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This will be the second time that the “Feats of Strength” series will feature the deadlift. The first was the premiere episode where 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Hafthor Bjornsson pulled the heaviest deadlift ever with 501kg/1,104lb on the bar.

Pritchett has been training for this challenge by performing extremely heavy deadlifts. Just two weeks ago, he pulled a gigantic 419.5kg/925lb and he made it look easy. Check out that lift below courtesy of Jerry Pritchett Strongman’s YouTube channel:

Heinla is equally capable of pulling substantially heavy deadlifts. To get a sense of Heinla’s experience in deadlift for reps head-to-heads, check out the video below where he lifts 355kg/780lb for nine reps in 60 seconds against Jean-François Caron from Rauno Heinla’s YouTube channel:

Speaking of Caron, he and 2020 Britain’s Strongest Man Adam Bishop will also attempt the 400kg/882lb deadlift for reps challenge on July 11th.

Keep your eyes on this space, as many big names in strongman will be vying for this world record. Tune in Saturday to find out who prevails between Heinla and Pritchett.

Feature image from Rauno Heinla’s Instagram page: @rauno_heinla