Build a Pair of Bulging Quads With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Leg Workout

You might not want to take the stairs after this workout.

When most people want to unwind, they reach for a good book, go on a hike, or scroll social media until they fall asleep. For Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, decompression comes in the form of a brutal late-night leg workout that he describes as “fun pain.”

The Black Adam star recently took to Instagram to share this “intense session to decompress” that capped off a productive week of movie promotion and other Rock-related business ventures. Check it out below:


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The Rock’s Four-Move Leg Workout

If you want to follow along with Johnson’s leg workout, you’ll be doing these moves:

Johnson used giant sets to get through the four-round circuit, meaning he didn’t take breaks between the individual exercises. Similar to traditional supersets, giant sets are designed to thoroughly exhaust the muscles, save time, and burn more calories.

While you don’t rest between moves, you should take a few minutes between the workout rounds to catch your breath. There were no rep counts provided in the Instagram post, so go with what’s comfortable or to mechanical failure. Here’s a breakdown of the moves:

Leg Press

The leg press is a straightforward machine with significant benefits. It’s excellent for building quads and increasing squat strength. Once seated on the leg press, place your feet similar to the width of a squat stance. Then, unrack the weight from the sled and slowly bend your knees toward your chest, keeping pressure on the mid-foot.

Once your knees are near your chest and your quads are in their fully lengthened position — meaning maximum knee flexion — press the sled back up. Don’t straighten your knees at the end of the rep. Instead, keep a slight bend to maintain the tension on your quads.

Vertical Leg Press

Though it’s not available in every gym, the vertical leg press is a favorite among bodybuilders like two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Breon Ansley and seven-time 212 Olympia champ Flex Lewis.

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To do this move, lie down on your back, with your legs extended vertically onto the sled above. Position your feet as you would for a squat and lower your knees toward your chest after unracking the sled. Move through your entire range of motion to the bottom of the rep, then drive the sled back up to the starting position.

Chain Lunges

For these lunges, wrap a chain around your shoulders and hold both ends. Then, take a deep step forward with your front foot. Next, allow your front knee to go forward as your back knee goes to the ground. Drive back up through your front foot to return to a standing position. Repeat the process by stepping forward with the other foot.

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Pit Shark Sumo Squats

A Pit Shark is a belt squat machine that reduces stress on the joints and back. The Rock’s preferred sumo stance — feet wider apart and toes pointed outward — focuses more on the glutes.

The Rock performed a three-second negative on each rep, meaning he took three seconds to lower into the bottom of his squat.

What’s Next for The Rock?

The next time The Rock graces the big screen will be on Oct. 21, 2022, when he stars as the titular antihero in Black Adam, based on the DC Comics character. Johnson has said the role was the “[hardest] undertaking of my entire career physically and mentally.” With workouts like the one above, it’s no surprise he looks as good as ever.

Featured image courtesy of The Rock’s YouTube channel.