2023 TYR Wodapalooza CrossFit Team Event 6 Results

Team BPN ties The Dottirs Ft. MOB with 691 points; wins overall tiebreaker with two event wins.

The final two-part scored event for the Teams division at the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza contest at Bay Front Park in Miami, FL, concluded on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. It was the team of Annie Thorisdottir, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, and Mal O’Brien who claimed Part B of the event, but not before A.K.A Humble Killers notched the victory in Part A.

The Good Dudes (James Sprague, Dallin Pepper, and Jayson Hopper) closed the deal in Part A but couldn’t fend off The Boyz (Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer, and Chandler Smith) in Part B. Below are the workouts and the results:

Team Event Six — “Kitchen Sync”

For time, Part A:

Teammates One & Two:

Teammates Two & Three:

Teammates One & Three:

  • 60 Synchros Wall BallsMen: 30 pounds | Women: 20 pounds
  • 50-meter Handstand Walk — 50 feet each, then 25 feet each | unbroken 25-foot sections.

Time cap: 15 Minutes

For time, Part B:

  • 33 Synchro Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches
  • Bike (waterfall style) — Men: 22 calories | Women: 15 calories
  • 33 Synchro Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbell two jumps per rep per athlete

Time cap: six minutes

Women’s Team Results Part A

  1. A.K.A. Humble Killers — 11:07.53
  2. All American Girls — 11:10.05
  3. Team BPN — 11:13.75
  4. The Dottirs ft. MOB — 11:39
  5. The Girls — 11:52.49
  6. GOWOD Girls — 12:47
  7. P10 Performance — 13:18.96
  8. Queens of the North — 14:10
  9. Misfits with Lady Bits — 14:11
  10. Invictus — 14:19.88

Women’s Team Results Part B

  1. The Dottirs ft. MOB — 4:59.78
  2. A.K.A. Humble Killers — 5:09.81
  3. Team BPN — 5:30.22
  4. All American Girls — 5:31.50
  5. The Girls — 5:55
  6. GOWOD Girls — 5:59.94
  7. Queens of the North — CAP +111
  8. P10 Performance — CAP +106
  9. Invictus — CAP +103
  10. Misfits with Lady Bits — CAP +100

Men’s Team Results Part A

  1. Good Dudes — 11:02.63
  2. Team Panchik — 11:32.30
  3. The Boyz — 11:32.32
  4. Team GOWOD — 11:45.21
  5. Canadian PB&J — 11:47.58
  6. Le Boiz — 11:48.50
  7. Zeus & The Dogs — 12:55.16
  8. The Three Wizards — 13.28
  9. Invictus Tiny Dancers — 13.29.01
  10. King B.K & Friends — CAP +220

Men’s Team Results Part B

  1. The Boyz — 5:38.69
  2. Team GOWOD — 5:41.70
  3. Canadian PB&J — 5:43.75
  4. Good Dudes — 5:47.26
  5. King B.K & Friends — CAP +128
  6. Team Panchik — CAP +125
  7. Zeus & The Dogs — CAP +122
  8. Invictus Tiny Dancers — CAP +121
  9. The Three Wizards — CAP +120
  10. Le Boiz — CAP +119

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2023 Wodapalooza
Image via Patrick Clark

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Women’s Event Six Highlights

Heading into the competition’s final event, “Team BPN” held a 20-point lead over “The Dottirs Ft. MOB,” but that lead was not safe with the aforementioned 200 points available. That lead grew to 32 points after the team of Laura Horvath, Gabriela Migała, and Jamie Simmonds finished third, one spot ahead of Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Davíðsdóttir, and Mal O’Brien’s team. “A.K.A Humble Killers” won their first event of the competition, the team of Arielle Loewen, Kari Pearce, and Alex Gazan separated from the pack thanks to Pearce and Gazan’s efficiency in the dumbbell bench press as they finished with a time of 11:07.53. Brooke Wells, Kristi Eramo-O’Connell, and Amanda Barnhart’s “All American Girls” team placed second.

“The Dottirs ft. MOB” didn’t let the point differential discourage them, as they still had a chance to win the competition. They needed to win the event and get some help from other teams to topple “Team BPN.” They accomplished the first part of the equation, but “Team BPN” finished third, just one second ahead of the “All American Girls,” giving both teams an identical point total of 691 points.

“Team BPN” held the tiebreaker, however, with their two event wins to take the team title. In perhaps her final CrossFit competition Kari Pearce’s “A.K.A Humble Killers” team placed third overall, giving her five podium finishes in five trips to Wodapalooza, four as an individual.

Men’s Event Six Highlights

“Canadian PB&J” held a 57-point lead over “Team GOWOD” heading into the final event, but with 200 points available, they couldn’t coast to victory, instead Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, and Jeffrey Adler recorded a pair of top-five finishes, giving them seven in eight scored events, to secure a 29-point victory on the final leaderboard. “

The Good Dudes” won “Part A” thanks to Jayson Hopper’s impressive dumbbell bench press cycling with a time of 11:02.63. They were followed by “Team Panchik” and then “The Boyz” in third place.

“The Boyz” made a run for second place in the final scored event of the competition, winning “Part B” with a time of 5:38.69 but came up one point short behind “Team GOWOD,” who placed second, giving Roman Khrennikov runner-up finishes in the Tndividual and Team competitions. Vellner’s team win also gave him two podiums during Wodapalooza as he placed third in the individual competition on Thursday.

Featured image via Patrick Clark.