2023 TYR Wodapalooza Individual Event 3 Results — Emily Rolfe and Patrick Vellner Close Out the First Day With a Win

Emily Rolfe's win in the first part of the workout propelled her into the overall lead for the women’s division.

The third event of the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza (WZA) — “Start Fast & Finish Strong” — was a pure test of each competitor’s coordination and conditioning. The workout itself was split into two distinct parts with two winners for both the men’s and women’s divisions. Here’s how it all broke down.

Individual Event 3 Results — “Start Fast & Finish Strong”

There was a total of 200 points up for grabs between both legs of the workout. For the women, Emily Rolfe and Dani Speegle took the top spots during the A and B portions, respectively. For the men, Patrick Vellner and Roman Khrennikov reigned supreme here. The full placings are below:

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Women’s Results (Part A)

  1. Emily Rolfe — 2:30.02
  2. Elisa Fuliano — 2:31.71
  3. Brittany Weiss — 2:33.87
  4. Oihana Moya Oliver — 2:34.26
  5. Sydney Michalyshen — 2:35.39
  6. Elizabeth Wishart — 2:35.33
  7. Aimee Cringle — 2:36.51
  8. Rebecca Fuselier — 2:38.12
  9. Syndey Wells — 2:38.65
  10. Lexi Neely — 2:40.02

Women’s Results (Part B)

  1. Dani Speegle — 7:17.37
  2. Emma Tall — 7:19.07
  3. Sydney Wells — 7:43.01
  4. Andrea Nisler 7:47.75
  5. Emily Rolfe — 7:48.37
  6. Sara Sigmundsdottir 7:52.76
  7. Paige Powers — 7:56.14
  8. Katelin Van Zyl — 7:56.81
  9. Olivia Kerstetter — 08:03.52
  10. Sydney Michalyshen — 08:06.19

Men’s Results (Part A)

  1. Patrick Vellner 2:26.57
  2. Brent Fikowski — 2:32.82
  3. Nick Mathew — 2:34.01
  4. Cole Greashaber — 2:34.88
  5. Ricky Garard 2:35.50
  6. Roman Khrennikov 2:36.34
  7. Henrik Haapalainen — 2:36.37
  8. Damian Martinez Satorres — 2:36.37
  9. Tudor Magda — 2:36.64
  10. Guilherme Malheiros — 2:37.01

Men’s Results (Part B)

  1. Roman Khrennikov — 7:19.46
  2. Tudor Magda — 7:57.66
  3. Brent Fikowski — 8:00.15
  4. Ricky Garard — 8:09.03
  5. Lago Guiraldes — 8:22.90
  6. Patrick Vellner — 8:23.72
  7. Cole Greashaber — 8:28.34
  8. Briant Guillaume — 8:30.78
  9. Dallin Pepper — 8:42.03
  10. Nate Ackerman — 9:04.22

Individual Event 3 Workout — “Start Fast & Finish Strong”

“Start Fast & Finish Strong” was the final event of the first day of WZA, and the workout definitely put competitors through their paces.

Part A

With a four-minute time cap, complete 11-22-11 reps of:

  • Toes-to-Bar
  • Hurdle Jumps: 24 inches for men / 18 inches for women
  • 44-yard Shuttle Run in an 11-22-11 yard shuttle style

Part B

At the five-minute mark, complete for time with a 10-minute time cap:

  • 1,000-meter Row
  • 20 D-Ball Cleans: 150 pounds for men / 100 pounds for women
  • 300-foot D-Ball Bear Hug Carry

Women’s Highlights — Part A

The first part of the workout was a quick triplet that introduced a new movement that hasn’t been seen in major live competition: hurdle jumps. For the women, it was an 18-inch jump hurdle that had Canadian Emily Rolfe and Italian Elisa Fuliano going back and forth at breakneck speeds.

It came down to the sprint to the finish line on the final shuttle run, where Rolfe beat Fuliano by less than two seconds with a time of 2:30.02. Brittany Weiss wasn’t too far behind the two 2022 Games athletes, finishing in 2:33.87 to garner her first top-three finish of the competition.

Women’s Highlights — Part B

The second part of the workout was a bit longer and highlighted strength, rather than the speed and skill of the first. To little surprise, it was perhaps the strongest woman in CrossFit, Dani Speegle, who won this part of the event as she easily handled the 100-pound D-Ball in both the cleans and the carry and finished 7:17.37.

Emma Tall wasn’t too far behind, placing second with a time of 7:19.07. Sydney Wells — not one of the stronger women in the field on paper — showed her grit by finishing third.

Rolfe finished fifth in the second part to secure the overall lead after Day 1 with 344 points. Emma Cary sits in second overall, 45 points behind Rolfe, followed by Paige Powers in third with 292 points. Two CrossFit Games veterans, Fuliano and Sydney Michalyshen, round out the top five, each with 283 points.

Men’s Highlights — Part A

Patrick Vellner won the first part of the workout for the men, finishing in 2:26.57 to best Brent Fikowski’s time of 2:32.82 from the opening heat. For Vellner, it was his third-straight top-five finish and first event win of the competition. Nick Mathew edged Cole Greashaber at the finish to take third with a time of 2:34.01.

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Men’s Highlights — Part B

In part B, Roman Khrennikov picked up his second win of the day, finishing 7:19.46. This was nearly a minute ahead of his closest competitor, 20-year-old Tudor Magda, who finished in 7:57.66. Fikowski had another strong showing under the lights of the Flagler stage, winning his heat and finishing third overall with a time of 8:00.15.

Ricky Garard holds a 10-point lead over Vellner heading into the final day of Individual competition on Friday. Garard is the only man in the division to record top-five finishes in all four rankings on day one. Following Vellner in third place on the overall leaderboard is Khrennikov, 16 points behind Vellner and 26 behind Garard. Greashaber sits in fourth with 323 points, 11 points behind Khrennikov. Fikowski’s strong performance under the lights propelled him into fifth place.

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