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dymatize elite casein revew

Dymatize Elite Casein Review | The Best Tasting?

Dymatize is a very popular name in the supplement industry. They’re best known for their protein powders, with the company’s general manager calling their ISO-100 whey powder their “flagship product,” but they’ve also

Best Soy Proteins

5 Best Soy Protein Powders

The humble soybean provides an extremely high quality protein and while anybody can pick up tofu or tempeh from the supermarket, many find it cheaper and more convenient to seek out soy protein

weird protein powder taste

We Try the 5 Weirdest Whey Protein Flavors

At BarBend, we’re experts on whey. We’ve tried dozens and dozens of them so we could come up with a list of the best whey protein powders, but what about the weirdest? This

best meal replacement

Best Meal Replacement Shakes Reviewed

Whether you’re an athlete who has trouble filling a high calorie requirement or just a busy human being, you probably know the struggle of trying to prepare healthy food that hits all the

athlete sleep featured

How to Get Optimal Sleep to Recover

Lifting heavy weights is healthy. It’s linked to an enormous variety of benefits , and it’s linked with a huge variety of benefits that include improved learning capacity, better cholesterol levels, lower inflammation,


Best Citrulline Supplements

Citrulline is gaining increasing popularity as a supplement that may increase blood flow, with some studies suggesting that it might help with power output and endurance during workouts. This non-essential amino acid is


5 Best Ginseng Supplements

Some people only know of ginseng as an ingredient in energy drinks and unusual candy bars, but the plant — actually the root of plants in the Panax genus — has some compelling

Erythritol featured

5 Best Erythritol Products

Erythritol is a mild sugar alcohol that’s about as sweet as sugar but provides very few calories. While it technically contains 4 calories per gram just like sugar, erythritol is absorbed so quickly

Best Apple Cider Vinegar

6 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Products

Apple cider vinegar has been used in folk medicine for centuries, and recently it’s experienced a surge in popularity after some research suggested that a daily shot may play a role in blood