Chandler Smith Is Back In For The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games

The wave of recent changes inspired Smith to undo his withdrawal.

Chandler Smith announced on his Instagram page earlier today that he is back in for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Smith, who finished the 2019 Games in 15th place, announced his withdrawal from the 2020 Games alongside the 2019 runner-up Noah Ohlsen earlier this month following the backlash against Greg Glassman’s comments on Twitter about George Floyd stating:

“Until changes to CrossFit are made, I will not be participating in the 2020 Games. It is my hope that others join me in applying pressure to HQ in order to improve the organization we love and make it better going forward.”

Others did join him in withdrawing from the Games, as did major partners like Reebok, and that pressure seemed to be part of what compelled some major changes at HQ. The largest of which being the company’s purchase by Eric Roza, former CEO of Datalogix and owner of CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, Colorado.


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“We decided to sit-out because we hoped that we could help trigger a positive cultural change within in a brand we all love dearly. The combined efforts of athletes, affiliates, brands and employees contributed to CrossFit committing to a serious values change through the pending sale to Eric Roza.”

Smith’s call for a positive cultural change within the brand is a recurring theme in the CrossFit’s ongoing restoration of trust with its athletes, affiliates, and staff. Director of Training Nicole Carroll echoed that sentiment regarding culture within the company earlier today when she announced her return to CrossFit HQ.

“There is an authentic commitment to creating a healthy & inclusive company culture, mending relationships, innovating forward, and restoring a sense of pride in the CrossFit name.”

Roza hosted a live interview via Zoom call with acting CrossFit CEO Dave Castro last week where he specifically noted that he believes “the culture wants to be authentically aligned with the brand.”

Smith believes that that alignment is incoming and believes it will continue to progress in the right direction.

“At this point I think there’s a new best way to continue to be a part of positive change, so with that in mind, I’m back.

Feature image via Chandler Smith’s Instagram page: @blacksmifff