Eddie Hall Shares a Full Day of Eating On His New Boxing Diet

The former strongman has updated his diet yet again in preparation to fight Hafthor Bjornsson.

On Feb. 28, 2021, the 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall took to his YouTube channel to share a full day of eating on his updated boxing diet. Hall guided his audience through a full day of eating previously when he initially started his boxing diet, which consisted of 6,000 calories a day — a significant drop from the 10,000-plus calories per day he was consuming when competing in strongman (he has since retired from the sport).

Hall lost a significant amount of weight with this diet change, as has his upcoming opponent, 2018 WSM Hafthor Björnsson. Both men have predicted they will knock each other out in the first round. Björnsson and Hall have been getting leaner in preparation for their upcoming boxing match in Las Vegas, NV, on Sep. 18, 2021, which is marketed as the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History.” Hall has previously stated, “I’m basically a full-time boxer. So I’ve completely changed my diet, completely changed my training regimen.”

Take a look at the full video below of Hall’s updated diet courtesy of his YouTube channel:

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Vitamins, Breakfast, and Training

Hall starts his day just before eight in the morning and consumes his vitamin supplements which include:

The following he takes twice per day with fish oil:

The first calories Hall consumes come from a protein shake (two scoops of whey isolate in water) before hopping on his treadmill warm-up and then stretch.

I don’t like doing fasted cardio, so I just like to get a little bit of protein in.

While on the treadmill, Hall watches boxing matches between boxers with the same stances as him and Björnsson. Björnsson is a southpaw fighter (right-hand leads), while Hall is a normal-stance fighter (left-hand leads).

Hall is adamant about eating a diet that has interesting foods. Even though he is lactose intolerant, he finds ways of adding cheese and butter compatible with his diet (lactose-free) to get the added fat as they offer more calories for him to burn during intense training sessions. During those sessions, he’ll drink a mixture that contains five scoops of EAAs and cranberry juice.

Here is the caloric breakdown for Hall’s breakfast which totals 200 grams of protein:

  • Protein shake 200 calories
  • Two ribeye burgers with cheese — 900 calories
  • EAAs and cranberry juice — 100 calories

Total calories — 1,200


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Lunch and More Training

Halfway through Hall’s training session, which still includes very heavy deadlifts, he’ll consume another protein shake with two more scoops of whey isolate. He supplements that with a bag of biltong ( a type of dried, cured meat) bringing him up to 200 grams of protein.

  • Protein shake — 200 calories
  • Biltong — 240 calories

Once his training session is complete, Hall gets in his lunch of jerk chicken and rice cooked in chicken stock with vegetables (peppers, carrots, string beans) and yogurt for dessert totaling 1,130 calories. 

Total Calories — 2,770

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Carbs and Boxing Training

Hall’s nutritionist, Nathan Payton, works with many elite strongmen, including four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw, Rongo Keene, and Robert Oberst. Payton programs for Hall to carb up pretty significantly before he gets in the ring to box. In addition to yet another protein shake, Hall scarfs down:

  • Nature Valley Crunchy Oats bar — 190 calories
  • Two Dairy Milk bars (chocolate) — 200 calories each

Following his boxing session, he’ll tack on:

  • Nature Valley Crunchy Oats bar (his second) — 190 calories
  • Banana — 100 calories
  • Protein shake (his fourth) — 200 calories

Total calories — 4,270


Dinner for Hall is the most decadent-looking meal of the day. It consists of two chicken drumsticks, a full potato made with a lot of butter, and a bunch more veggies. Altogether, it stacks another 1,200 calories onto his daily total. After he finishes that, he drinks his sixth protein shake to bring his daily caloric total to 5,770.

Scaling “The Mountain”

Hall and Björnsson will face off for “The Heaviest Boxing Match In History” in Las Vegas, NV on Sep. 18, 2021. Björnsson recently competed in his first three-round exhibition match against Steven “Quiet Man” Ward, an effort that Hall has said he will not be replicating. Whether it’s Hall or Björnsson who walks away from the match as the winner, it’s unlikely that the match will be left to the judge’s scorecards. 

Feature image via Eddie Hall’s Instagram page: @eddiehallwsm