How to Watch the 2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship

The Dubai games are back and span from Dec. 16-18.

After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dubai CrossFit® Championship (DCC) is coming back to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From Dec. 16-18, the competition will be livestreamed on the DCC’s YouTube channel.

The 40 athletes participating in this CrossFit-sanctioned event will check in on Dec. 15, then compete at an off-site location on Dec. 16 and at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium from Dec. 17-18.


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The 2021 DCC roster boasts some of the most elite athletes in the sport, including 2021 CrossFit Games runner-up Laura Horvath, rising star Guilherme Malheiros, 2018 DCC champ Sam Briggs, and Sara Sigmundsdottir, who won the last DCC in 2019. Ricky Garard will also be returning to competition in Dubai after serving a four-year doping suspension that was completed on Oct. 3, 2021. Brent Fikowski, who won the 2019 DCC on the men’s side, will not be in Dubai this year.

2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship Roster

Twenty men and twenty women will be competing in the 2021 DCC. Below is the roster according to the folks at Morning Chalk Up.

Women’s Roster

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir
  2. Laura Horvath
  3. Kristin Holte
  4. Samantha Briggs
  5. Gabi Migala
  6. Emma Cary
  7. Emily Rolfe
  8. Mikaela Norman
  9. Rebecka Vitesson
  10. Andrea Nisler
  11. Emma Lawson
  12. Karin Frey (WD)
  13. Thuridur Helgadottir
  14. Julie Hougard Nielsen
  15. Jacqueline Dahlstrom
  16. Christina Agerbeck
  17. Eik Gylfadottir
  18. Evie Hollis
  19. Manon Angonese
  20. Martine Solheim

Men’s Roster

  1. Lazar Đukić
  2. Jeffrey Adler
  3. André Houdet
  4. Henrik Haapalainen
  5. Ricky Garard
  6. Roman Khrennikov
  7. Shalan Mahmood
  8. Elliot Simmonds
  9. Uldis Upenieks (WD)
  10. Willy Georges
  11. Tola Morakinyo
  12. Fabian Beneito
  13. Sam Stewart
  14. Giorgos Karavis
  15. Alex Kotoulas
  16. Luka Đukić
  17. Moritz Fiebig
  18. Bronislaw Olenkowicz
  19. Mohamed El Omda
  20. Simon Mantyla


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What’s the Prize Purse?

The payouts for the Dubai CrossFit Championships are far from insignificant. Here’s how much the top five men and women are expected to make, according to the promotion:

  • First: $50,000
  • Second: $30,000
  • Third: $20,000
  • Fourth: $10,000
  • Fifth: $5,000

The top three athletes in each event will also receive a payout. Those payouts are:

  • First: $3,000
  • Second: $2,000
  • Third: $1,000

2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship Events

Little is known about the event schedule for the 2021 DCC. However, on Dec. 14, 2021, the workout for Event 5 was released. BarBend will update this section accordingly as more event info is known.

Event 1A (Stay Frosty) — Dec. 16, 2021

For time:

5 rounds of:

  • 500-meter Ski
  • Run (up/down)

Time cap: 16 min. for men/17 min. for women

Event 1B — Dec. 16, 2021

For time:

  • Full Slope Run w/ Weighted Vest (m: 20lbs/w: 14lbs)

time cap: 7 min.

Event 3 — Dec. 17, 2021

For time:

  • 50-Calorie Row
  • 40 A-Jumps w/ Weighted Vest (m: 20lbs/w: 14lbs)
  • 30 Sandbag Cleans (m: 150lbs/w: 100lbs)
  • 20 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 10 Handstand Push-Ups
  • 30 Sandbag Cleans (m: 150lbs/w: 100lbs)
  • 40 A-Jumps W/ Weighted Vest (m: 20lbs/w: 14lbs)
  • 50-Calorie Row

Time cap: 23 min. for men/25 min. for women.

Event 4 — Dec. 17, 2021

For time:

4 rounds of:

  • 20-Calorie Bike Erg
  • 15-meter Unbroken Handstand Walk
  • 10 Overhead Squats (m: 85kg/w: 60kg)

Time cap: 3 mins.

*The field is cut after each round: 10,10 – 8,8 – 6,6 – 8 – 4

Event 5 — Dec. 18, 2021

For time: 

2-4-6-8-10 reps of:

  • Ring Muscle Ups
  • Thrusters (m: 60kg/w: 40kg)

Time cap: 10 min.

What to Watch for in Dubai

At 19 years old, Malheiros earned the title of Fittest Man in Brazil. Now 21, Malheiros has made a huge splash on the international CrossFit scene, taking home three event wins in the 2021 CrossFit Games. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in Dubai to close out this year. A lot of eyes will also be on Garard, who hasn’t competed on an elite CrossFit stage since his suspension four years ago.

On the women’s side, former DCC champ Sigmundsdottir is coming off a ruptured ACL, and Hungarian rising star Laura Horvath is expected to perform well after finishing second in the 2021 CrossFit Games. She also finished second overall in the 2018 CrossFit Games, where she was also dubbed 2018’s Rookie of the Year.


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Also of note: On Dec 1, 2021, the DCC posted a photo of an indoor ski resort —  Ski Dubai — implying that athletes will have to contend with wintry terrain. 

BarBend will update this article when new information and more details about the 2021 DDC surfaces.

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