Rogue Kettlebell vs. Onnit Kettlebell

Find out which of these popular kettlebells swings to the top as we walk you through our experience testing them out firsthand. 

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While there are many solid pieces of equipment that you can add to your home gym, one of the most versatile pieces is often overlooked — the good ol’ fashioned kettlebell. Two of the most popular kettlebells on the market are from Rogue and Onnit, but is one objectively better than the other? A trusty kettlebell might offer more versatility than a lot of gym equipment (like barbells and dumbbells) due to the sheer number of exercises you can perform with it — from full body strength to cardio, you may run out of energy before you run out of workouts you can do with one of these iron companions. 

These kettlebells are similar in fashion — crafted as one single piece of iron with a textured powder coat that also works well with chalk, if necessary. And since both companies opted out of a rubber coating, you may find them to have a better overall grip. The handles are color-coded to make it easy to pick which weight you want to use for your lifts, and the flat base of these bells makes storage easy. Neither one of these kettlebells are competition bells, so the size will increase as you go up in weight, and neither company offers their kettlebells in a full set. So how exactly are they different? The main differences are the manufacturing process, the weight options available, and the most glaring difference — the price. Below, we dig into these varying characteristics, and how they may affect your choice on which bell to buy.

Rogue Kettlebell Highlights

Rogue is known for their high quality products, and that is no exception with these powder-coated kettlebells that are crafted from a single piece of iron ore, ensuring that the handle and the bell do not lose connection over time. With 18 different weight options ranging from nine pounds up to 203 pounds, there is an option out there for nearly everyone. With so many different weight options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a lighter kettlebell to perform kettlebell windmills, or a heavier bell to do some suitcase deadlifts

Rogue Kettlebell Build
Rogue Kettlebell Build

The matte black powder coating provides a nice aesthetic appeal, but it also provides a solid grip on its own — though it still mixes well with chalk, if you prefer. The handles are color-coded, so you always know exactly which weight you’re using for your workouts, and the lack of a rubber coating should lead to less wobble when storing them since there is nothing interfering with the flat base. When looking for a high quality kettlebell that could last you a lifetime, it’s hard to ignore these Rogue Kettlebells. 

Rogue Fitness Kettlebell
Rogue Fitness Kettlebell
Rogue Fitness Kettlebell

Featuring high-quality materials and smart construction, Rogue Fitness Kettlebells offer a wide selection of weights — from nine to 203 pounds. With a sleek design and color-coded handles, these can be an excellent, space-saving addition to your home gym.

Main Takeaways

  • Rogue casts their kettlebells from a single piece of iron ore, which should eliminate any worry of the connection between the handle and the bell coming loose mid-swing
  • With 18 different weight options ranging from nine pounds, up to 203 pounds, there is a kettlebell out there for nearly everyone. 
  • The matte black powder coating adds to the aesthetic of these bells, while also providing a solid grip with or without chalk. 

Onnit Kettlebell Highlights

While Rogue is a popular brand, don’t let that overshadow these Onnit kettlebells. Similar to Rogue’s, these kettlebells are also powder coated, and are crafted into a single piece, so the handle and bell should not come loose from one another. With Onnit, you have eight different weights to choose from ranging from 13 to 70 pounds. While there aren’t as many options here compared to Rogue, there’s still a good chance you can find the right weight for you — especially if you’re a recreational athlete.

Since these bells were crafted using gravity casting, you may find the accuracy of the weight to be more precise than any other manufacturing process. Gravity casting creates more consistency throughout the kettlebell in terms of weight — you’d be surprised by the amount of times a kettlebell doesn’t weigh as much as advertised.

Onnit Kettlebell Build
Onnit Kettlebell Build

The powder coating provides a nice grip, but if you are someone who tends to have sweaty palms, you can definitely use chalk with these. Instead of a matte black finish though, the coating on these has a bit of a shine; plus, they’re chip resistant. The flat base is wider than some other bells, and since these also are not coated in rubber, you might actually find that these produce even less of a wobble when stored. Since the Onnit Kettlebells are available for such a low price tag, we think they are one of the better options on the market. 

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Onnit Kettlebell
Onnit Kettlebell
Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit makes a quality cast iron kettlebell that is affordable, color-coded, and durable. The powder-coat finish is durable and consistent. It's the perfect starter kettlebell and also one experienced users will get great use out of, time and time again.

Main Takeaways

  • Onnit used a gravity casting process to craft their kettlebells, creating one single piece of iron, which can lead to more accuracy in terms of weight. 
  • Since these bells feature a base that is wider than those from rival brands, you might find these to be more stable than most. 
  • Onnit offers these kettlebells at a very reasonable price, which will save you some money individually compared to other brands that offer kettlebells of the same quality.

Rogue vs. Onnit Kettlebell Video Review

Our reviews writer, Jake, puts these kettlebells to the test during his detailed comparison. Follow along as he breaks both of these solid kettlebells down and helps you decide which one is best for your home gym.

What Are The Big Differences Between The Rogue Kettlebells And The Onnit Kettlebells?

Both of these companies offer kettlebells that are similar in nature, but there are a few differences that stood out to us when we used their 26-pound bells. From the manufacturing to the pricing, both kettlebells can stand on their own.

Manufacturing Process

The two kettlebells that we were able to swing around are one single piece of iron — which is what you want in terms of longevity — but the way each company went about their individual process was different. 

Rogue built a kettlebell from first-run iron ore, not scrap, so since this iron has not been recycled, it’s highly durable. This iron is molded into one single piece, and does not feature any welding, or plastic plugs to hold the handle and bell together. 

While the Onnit kettlebells are also one solid piece of iron, they don’t mention on their website the form of iron they used for their bells. That’s not to say that these are cheaply made though — they felt just as durable in our hands, and they used a gravity casting process to ensure that the handle and bell are also not going to lose their connection over time. Gravity casting may be the best way to forge kettlebells — it allows for great weight accuracy and consistency throughout the kettlebell.

Powder Coat Finish On Both Kettlebells
Powder Coat Finish On Both Kettlebells

Both of these companies added a powder coat to their kettlebells to provide a solid grip for your workouts, but this coat can also hold chalk well if you tend to have sweaty hands. With that being said, the two powder coats are noticeably different. With Rogue, you have a matte finish, and with Onnit, the coating has a bit of a shine to it. We didn’t find this to affect our workouts in any way, but there may be a bit of a personal aesthetic preference you prefer. 

There’s a Price Difference

Likely the biggest difference between these two kettlebells is the price you have to pay for them. It’s worth mentioning that Rogue offers more weight options to choose from, but in terms of similar weight, Onnit is charging less for their kettlebells, which are nearly identical in quality. 

Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue does not offer their kettlebells as part of a full set. So buying multiple pairs of these may get pricey — especially when compared to the price of a full set from another company. The cheapest option available from Rogue is their nine-pound bell, which is priced right around $35. But for the sake of this comparison, we will be discussing weight options that are available from both of these brands.

The 13-pound bell will cost you around $45, the 26-pound bell we got our hands on is about $60, the popular 53-pound weight option from Rogue will run you around $90, and the 70-pound bell is going to cost you nearly $125. Every one of these kettlebells is on the higher end of the market’s prices, and without free shipping, or the option for a full set, you will wind up spending quite a bit of money if you are stocking up on bells. 

Onnit Kettlebells

Just like with Rogue, Onnit also does not offer these kettlebells as part of a set. This could cause you to spend a little bit more money than you would if you found a full set from an outside brand, but these are still noticeably cheaper than Rogue’s. The 13-pound bell from Onnit is by far the cheapest one that you can purchase, costing you right around $35. The 26-pound bell is priced at about $45, the 53-pound option is about $85, and the 70-pound option is going to cost you about $110.

While you will be saving some money for each of these weights compared to the price that Rogue charges for their bells of the same weight, Rogue still offers more overall options.  The prices for these kettlebells are around the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the market, but you aren’t sacrificing quality by any means. 

Powder Coating

The way your workout equipment feels in your hands is crucial for all of your gear, and that is no exception with kettlebells. Since both of these companies equip their bells with a powder coat, the overall feel isn’t much different. That being said, the overall look of each of these bells’ powder coats is pretty different. With Rogue, you’re working with a sleek matte black finish, as opposed to the shine that you’ll find on Onnit’s bells. The coating didn’t make a difference in functionality during our time with both of these kettlebells, but if you are particular about the way your gear looks, you may be swayed one way or the other based solely on aesthetics.

Flat Base

An important feature of both of these kettlebells is that the flat base design does not feature a seam. Without this, you may find that you have more success when storing your kettlebells, but it’s also helpful during dead-stop swings. At first glance, you might not notice much of a difference between these two kettlebells, but as you look closer, you can really tell.

Flat Base of Rogue and Onnit Kettlebell
Flat Base of Rogue and Onnit Kettlebell

During our time with both of these bells, we noticed that the flat base of the Onnit kettlebells is actually much wider than the Rogue kettlebells. This may actually lead to more stability, and in turn, decrease the chances of a wobble more so than Rogue’s. That’s not to say that you should prepare your big toe to get crushed by your iron companion if you opt for Rogue’s bells, but it might play a factor in which of these two brands you decide to choose.


Since you have a designated color for each kettlebell, you shouldn’t run into the issue of grabbing the wrong weight for your kettlebell program. While both of these 26-pound kettlebells feature blue paint on either side of the handle, it’s hard to ignore the contrast in color. 

Rogue and Onnit Color-Coded Handles
Rogue and Onnit Color-Coded Handles

With Rogue, you have a bright blue paint that really stands out on the matte black powder coating. While Onnit definitely has color-coded handles for you to see which weight is which, it is a bit more difficult to see the coloring compared to the Rogue kettlebells. This may not be enough to turn you away from Onnit, but it’s a feature that is glaringly different from what you will see from Rogue. 

Weight Options

Both Rogue and Onnit offer similar weight options, but Rogue offers significantly more for you to choose from. With 18 different options ranging from nine to 203 pounds, there really is an option for everyone to get a solid workout. Onnit, on the other hand, only has eight different choices ranging from 13 to 70 pounds. So if you need something lighter than 13 pounds, or heavier than 70 pounds, you will likely want to opt for Rogue since there is a better chance you will find something to fit your needs. 

Handle Diameter

When selecting which kettlebell you want to purchase from Rogue, you will notice they provide the diameter for the handle of each weight, but that information is not available with Onnit. Since these are not competition kettlebells from either company, the dimensions of each bell will increase as you go up in weight, and the same goes for the handles.

With Rogue, you’ll find the nine to 18-pound bells feature a handle diameter of 1.2 inches, and the 26-pound bell we worked out with has a handle that is 1.4 inches in diameter. The 35 to 88-pound bells have a 1.5-inch handle, and the 97- to 203-pound kettlebells feature a handle that is 1.58 inches in diameter. 

Gripping the Rogue Kettlebell
Gripping the Rogue Kettlebell

While Onnit does not have the diameter of their handles listed on their website, we did notice that the handle of the 26-pound bell felt thinner than the Rogue bell did. Our guess is that you’ll be working with a handle that is around one inch in diameter, maybe a bit thicker. And while we don’t know the handle diameter for the rest of the weight options, if they stay on the same pattern, you can expect them to be slightly thinner than Rogue’s across the board.

Which Brand is the Better Option?

Both of these kettlebells are solid choices to add to your home gym, so the answer to “which is best” will really just depend on your needs and budget. The Rogue Kettlebells are one of the more expensive options on the market, but Rogue does make some of the best quality products available for purchase. Their proprietary casting process leads to a solid piece of iron ore that is built to last you nearly a lifetime, and ensures the handle and the bell won’t lose their connection. Plus, if you are someone who has elite-level strength, you have a very good chance of finding a kettlebell that is going to suit your needs, since their bells range up to 203 pounds.

If you’re looking for the best deal available, and don’t need anything heavier than 70 pounds, Onnit may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Since their bells are cheaper than the shared weight options from Rogue, you won’t be burning as much of a hole in your pocket. The good news is that even though you’re saving money, you aren’t sacrificing quality. The gravity-casting process used for these bells also leads to one single piece of iron that could last you a lifetime. This process also means the weight is going to be more accurate to what it reads on the bell. 

Jake Doing Turkish Get-Ups with the Onnit Kettlebell
Jake Doing Turkish Get-Ups with the Onnit Kettlebell

The beauty about both of these kettlebells is that they do not feature any plastic plugs, or welding to hold the handle and bell together. Since they are such high quality, you won’t have to worry about them breaking on you — so long as you treat them properly. You can get a proper workout with both of these options, so at the end of the day, your decision should be focused on both your budget and your overall strength level.

Is a Wide Base Really That Important?

In general, yes a flat base that is relatively wide is going to benefit you during your workouts, but it will also benefit you when you go to store your kettlebells. Each of these companies crafted their bells with a seamless flat base to assist you in both regards, but as mentioned, the base of the Onnit kettlebell is significantly wider. This may not affect everyone the same way, but we did notice less of a wobble when setting the Onnit kettlebell down on the ground. 

Is There Anything That One of These Kettlebells Can Do That the Other One Can’t?

Luckily, when you make your decision between these two kettlebells, you won’t be sacrificing utility one way or the other. Both of these bells can bring you a variety of workouts, such as a Turkish get-upbent rows, skull crushers, and even forms of cardio. The powder coating on both of these bells provides a solid grip on their own, but they should also mix well with chalk if necessary.

The main differences between the two are the wideness of the base and the overall weight options that are available. So while the Onnit kettlebells may feature a wider base that could lead to less wobble, Rogue does in fact offer 10 more weight options to choose from — so you will be able to progressively overload your muscles more effectively. 

Final Word

Rogue is known for their variety of high quality products, but don’t let that drive you away from Onnit’s durable kettlebells. Both of these bells are solid options that could be a great addition to your home gym, thanks to the high quality production that both companies used for their bells. Before you commit to either one of these options, it’s imperative that you weigh the pros and cons of each product. If you are someone who has a large budget, or if you are going to need over 70 pounds to accommodate your strength, Rogue is going to be the way to go. 

However, if you want to save some money without sacrificing quality, and a max weight of 70 pounds is plenty of weight for you, Onnit will be your best option. The price for the Onnit Kettlebells is cheaper across the board compared to Rogue, but the quality is also top-tier. At the end of the day, your decision is going to depend on where you are currently in your fitness journey, where you plan on heading, and as always, how much money you are willing to spend. 


What are the limitations with the Rogue Kettlebells and the Onnit Kettlebells?

The beauty of kettlebells is that there isn’t much you can’t do. Whether you want to focus on building strength, or burning some calories with intense cardio, you can easily do so with kettlebells. And since both of these kettlebells are molded into one single piece of iron, you don’t have to worry about the connection between the handle and the bell coming loose over time.

Why is there a price gap between the Rogue Kettlebells and the Onnit Kettlebells?

While the type of iron used for the Onnit Kettlebells is not listed online, Rogue does use first run iron ore for crafting their bells. This type of iron may be a little more durable in the long run, and could be the reason they are so expensive.

Does the difference in the base make the Onnit Kettlebells more stable than the Rogue Kettlebells?

While the base of the Onnit kettlebells are noticeably wider than the Rogue bells, they both offer a good amount of stability. However, since the base of the Onnit kettlebells is wider, you may experience less wobble when placing your bells down for storage.