Rogue to Sell Equipment Used By Your Favorite Athletes From The CrossFit Games

During six full days of the 2016 CrossFit Games, HQ and Rogue had to coordinate equipment for a total of 40 events — 11 Team events, 7 Masters events, 7 Teen events, and 15 Individual events. That’s hundreds of barbells, thousands of bumper plates, and a handful of new odd objects invented just for the Games. When the lights go down, the cameras turn off, and the athletes go home, what happens to to the truckloads of equipment? 

Oh my God! Rogue is having a fire…sale!

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That’s right, all of the Games equipment is for sale on Rogue’s website, which means you have a change to rip your hands on the same rope that took off all the skin on Khan Porter’s body. Of course, you won’t know if it’s the specific rope that sloughed Khan, but it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get.

Most of the equipment is branded with the official 2016 CrossFit Games logo, and much of it is discounted. Concept 2 Rowers that normally cost $900 are now only $750, and barbells are marked down from $282.00 to $225. Gigantic 80lb, 100lb, and 150lb D-Balls are also available, and there’s a pretty good chance some of those heavier ones were chalked up and sweated on in dramatic fashion. Medicine balls, Ski Ergs, and Fat Boy sleds are for sale as well.

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For the piece of equipment most likely used in competition (not just in warm up), stick to the mother of all custom odd objects: The Snail. We know the athletes never got a chance to try The Snail before heading out to the floor, so every one of them was used in competition or by the Demo team. Rogue has yet to announce how much each one of these bad boys will cost, but we imagine it will be well over $1000 simply because of its size. Interestingly, the empty Snails only weigh 115 pounds, so while they’ll be cumbersome to ship because of their size, they’re not actually that heavy. Fill ’em with a little sand, though, and they can reach up to an astonishing 1000lbs of workout pain — such a cool concept.

While we don’t know the total number of pieces available, Rogue has a set up an alert system that will tell you when all of the equipment is in their warehouse. They estimate that the equipment will be arrive at Rogue between August 3 – 5, and then it will be a race to see who can click to purchase the fastest. For those of you who ultimately end up with The Snail, let us know what you think!

Featured Image: Rogue (@roguefitness)