What Equipment Earns Its Keep In Tia-Clair Toomey’s Australian Home Gym?

Boxes upon boxes of Rogue fitness equipment outfits Toomey's in-progress home gym.

Since winning her sixth consecutive CrossFit Games title in 2022, the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey has not competed in sanctioned CrossFit competition due to the requisite time needed to recover from a lingering back injury. Though she was expected to compete alongside Ellie Turner and Brooke Wells at the 2022 Down Under Championship in her home country of Australia, Toomey ultimately chose not to compete.

However, Toomey’s back injury is not delaying outfitting her new home gym in Australia. On Nov. 30, 2022, Toomey’s coach and husband, Shane Orr, took to their YouTube channel to give a behind-the-scenes look at the early stages of their home gym development. Check out which fitness equipment makes the cut in the CrossFit champion’s home gym in the video below:

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Tia-Clair Toomey’s Home Gym

A cable crossover machine is the first showing in the gym and one of the few pieces of equipment that have been unboxed. It is buried by a plethora of medicine balls with a wide weight range — 20 and 30-pound balls already unboxed, with 25-pound balls having yet to feel the gym’s lighting.

An isolated leg press earns its keep and has a high-value job regarding Toomey’s recovery. The machine’s platform allows for single-leg presses (each leg only has to move half the platform rather than the entire platform, as is the case with a standard leg press). The unilateral movement training this leg press allows can help offset the strength imbalances Toomey might acquire as her back heals.

A pyramid of boxes containing Assault bikes and additional medicine balls frame the left side of the leg press, while stamped bumper plates from previous CrossFit Games are stacked on the right side. Atop the boxes are thick ropes presumably used for rope climbs, though the frame they will attach to has not yet been installed.

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Continuing with cardio equipment, a ski erg also earns its spot in the CrossFit G.O.A.T.’s home gym. At the foot of the ski erg are sandbags of varying weight — 150 pounds was the most prominent on camera. Adjacent to those sandbags is a pile of weighted vests. The gym layout is aimed at three pieces of each item so that Toomey can train alongside two training partners.

A reverse hyper is a mainstay for Toomey’s home gyms, but the one in this gym is attached to the rig (that features a pull-up station for pull-ups and muscle-ups), though it has yet to be constructed. Next to where the rig will live are leg extension and leg curl machines. A home gym would not be complete without an array of dumbbells and barbells, which Toomey has in spades though the latter remains piled in shipping tubes.

The standout moment of the video and the piece de resistance in the gym is a custom rig from Rogue that lives on the entire right-side wall of the gym. The assembly has not yet been undertaken, so all the pieces lay neatly on the gym flooring, but it could be confused for a building construction project rather than the pieces of a single rig.

As the camera pans to the ceiling, ropes and gymnastics rings fill the air like decorative tapestries. The back wall of the gym is where the jerk boxes will live once unboxed.

Looking to 2023

Though there was speculation following her sixth CrossFit Games victory if Toomey would retire from competitive CrossFit or move into the Team division for the 2023 season, it was put to rest when Toomey confirmed that she will attempt a seventh consecutive Individual title. The 2023 CrossFit Open kicks off on Feb. 16, 2023.

Featured image: @tiaclair1 on Instagram