3 Minute Morning Mobility: How to Prepare Your Body for the Day Ahead

I am not a morning person (at all). So when I get out of bed, I need all the help I can get. I try to keep my coffee intake to no more than two cups in the first hour or so of waking up.

That’s caffeine — so how do I get my body awake?

This 3 minute routine is all I need. I do it first thing when I wake up to get more mobile while preparing my body for the rigors of the workday. And at just 3 minutes long, there’s no excuse to skip out on morning mobility and body preparation!


1. Rotations in bed (30 seconds per side)

Staying in bed, I rock my left leg over to the right while my left arm reaches back to the left. Think of this as wringing out your spine like a wet towel.

These feel great for me upon waking, so take the full minute to control your breathing while keeping nice and calm.

2. Cobra/Seal pose (1 minute)


Just one minute spent here can help get your mind in a better position to start the day as well as get your spine in a healthier position. This helps your upper and lower back get ready for all the sitting and bad positions the day is going to throw at us.

3. One leg on the bed (30 seconds per side)

One leg

It’s too early for full squatting, so let’s do a much easier one. Focus on opening up your ankle knee hip and spine all at once. A walk to work, the subway, or your car will feel a lot less creaky if you incorporate these into your morning routine.

4. Shoulder opener (30 seconds)

Shoulder Opener

This helps undo a lot of the tightness we build up over night in less-than-optimal sleeping positions. When performing this, continue to work your breathing here to maximize the stretch.