Factor 75 Meal Service Review

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Factor 75 is a healthy meal delivery service that aims to provide consumers with paleo, ketogenic, and other natural food options. They offer a weekly rotating menu with five different meal plan options. For the health conscious individual, their service could be a useful tool when chasing a workout, or body composition goal.

We wanted to see how Factor 75 stacked up against other popular health focused meal delivery services. We tested them in multiple categories including: taste, appearance, nutrition, convenience, customizability, and price.

Editor’s Note: This meal service review was updated on November 19th, 2018.


We received multiple meals from Factor 75, but for the sake of this review’s brevity, we chose to review two of their weekly dishes. These two dishes included the Cheese Stuffed Bacon Burger and the Salmon With Avocado Sauce. To remain consistent with our other reviews, we reheated these meals in the microwave, per their package’s instructions. Also, we feel the microwave is most realistic for on-the-go athletes with no oven available.

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First, we tried the cheese stuffed bacon burger, which was one of their ketogenic meal options. The burger and bacon were the star players of this dish. I liked how their beef had a juicy texture, and wasn’t overly rough from being reheated. It made each bite enjoyable and the cheese was a nice addition for extra flavor. Additionally, the bacon was surprisingly crisp for being reheated in a microwave. I worried about the beef and reheating it in the microwave, that the bacon and burger would become soggy, but overall they held a good, somewhat dense texture.

Factor 75 Taste Review
Factor 75 Taste Review

The parsnips and paleo mayo were also good. I felt the parsnips were a little bland, but when mixed with some paleo sauce, they tasted good. Their texture was also pretty solid, but some may find them to be a little on the softer side. Texture is never a big issue for me, but picky eaters may not like this aspect.

Second, we tried the salmon with avocado sauce. I love trying fish products that come with pre-cooked delivery services, because it’s one of the toughest foods to nail. The salmon in Factor 75’s meals had a good taste, texture, and consistency. Some fish gets a little soft when microwaved, but I thought their salmon did a good job at staying true to its original cooked form. It also broke apart well with the fork, which to me, is a good indicator of a fish’s consistency.

Factor 75 Meal Service Review
Factor 75 Meal Service Review

This dish also came with purple potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and then the avocado sauce. I liked the purple potatoes, but they did have a little water in them, which I think was due to the packaging. Other than that, the taste for this carb element was pretty good. The mushrooms and onions were also flavored pretty well and they held their original texture. I liked the avocado sauce too, and thought it was a good addition to the dish.

Factor 75 Appearance

Factor 75’s meals appearance was average. The meals were always appetizing, so the appearance issue wasn’t connected to a food’s taste, but how it looked in the package. My main issue with their meal’s appearance comes with the containers they come packaged in. There’s a lot of air in-between the food the roof of the package, so we found a few of our meals got tossed around in shipping, so they looked slightly messy (which is something that one must account for with shipping).

Whether a meal looked messy in the package was a case by case basis. Not every meal had this type of appearance, and it won’t be a huge issue for the eater who doesn’t need a clean looking meal. If you need a clean looking meal to plate, then I could see some having an issue with this, but otherwise, I think it’s something small to keep in mind with shipping, it wasn’t a deciding factor of a meal’s quality.

Factor 75’s Meal Nutrition

Every meal Factor 75 provides has the full nutrition breakdown listed on the package, which is a plus to the service. If you’re strictly on-the-go and want to avoid guesswork, then this is a positive feature. Additionally, they list every ingredient, so there’s no guessing as to what gets put into a meal.

Factor 75 Taste
Factor 75 Taste

They offer a weekly changing menu, but offer you the option to select the meals you’d like. I thought this was a good resolution for someone who needs absolute consistency with macros and calories. Some services don’t provide the individualization of the changing meal plans, so it’s a little daunting for those tracking diets at very specific times (ex: cutting and re-comping).

The only downside I could see with this type of ordering and changing menu is for those who forget to custom pick their plan before the week’s meal cutoff. Otherwise, I like how easy the nutrition label is to read and find on the package.

Factor 75 Calories

On their website, Factor 75 says a standard meal ranges from 400-600 calories. But some meals can be a little higher, and the higher caloric meals are typically the ketogenic meals. 400-600 calories is a fair amount for most individuals, especially strength athletes. Whether you’re selecting meals, or letting them decide on what you’re receiving, then the ranges are a nice factor that allow some consistency.


Below is an example of Factor 75’s five meal plan options with their price per plan, and what the cost per meal comes out to with each plan.

Meal PlanWhole Price / Meal Price for Plan
4 Meals$60.00 / $15.00
6 Meals$77.00 / $12.83
8 Meals$99.00 / $12.37
12 Meals$138.00 / $11.50
18 Meals$198.00 / $11.00


Their pricing is fair when you purchase in volume. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10.00-15.00 for the average lunch and dinner in major cities, so the 12 and 18 meal options are definitely the best priced. If you’re only ordering four or six meals, then the pricing is a little expensive per meal. Compared to other services, Factor 75 is right inline with other’s pricing options.

Factor 75 Delivery
Factor 75 Delivery

Personally, I think Factor 75’s 18 meal option is one of the industry’s better deals (especially if you don’t have a delivery fee). Plus, their meals come with 400-600 calories (sometimes more), which trumps some of the 300-400 calorie options. The price per calorie, or volume of food is better. Factor 75 also has free shipping.

On top of the competitive pricing for their meal plans, Factor 75 also offers free shipping nationwide (sans Alaska and Hawaii), which is a great perk for keeping the price on the lower end.


Factor 75 is a subscription based delivery service, and make ordering meals pretty easy. Plans close out and bill on Wednesday nights, so the time of billing is consistent. Deliveries are made between Monday-Wednesday of the following week. Your delivery date will vary depending on your location in their 48 states of delivery (minus Alaska & Hawaii). States farthest from Factor 75’s HQ will have deliveries closer to Tuesday and Wednesday.


Vegetarian meals are offered in their weekly plans, but are limited. On Factor 75’s FAQ page, they write that roughly 1-3 meals a week will fit a vegetarian based diet, so pickings may be slim, especially for those putting in high volume orders. Their meals are catered towards paleo and ketogenic diet, which explains the limited options.


I liked the customizability of Factor 75 meal’s plans. They have a weekly changing menu, which can throw off those who want consistency. But, they provide you with the option of selecting the meals you want. This allows a subscribed member to pick their meals on a weekly basis that they think fit best with their tastes and diet.

Factor 75 Nutrition
Factor 75 Nutrition

The custom selecting of meals is also good for those with specific macro goals for each meal. I could only foresee one issue with their meal selection. Each week there are new options, but they can be a little limited for the very specific eater (macro, taste, etc), so keep that in mind when selecting your plan’s volume.

Is Factor 75 Good for Weight Loss?

This question is going to be based off of your goals and preferences, but I think Factor 75 could be a viable source for weight loss. Their meals have a calorie range of 400-600, and they provide you with the option of picking the meals you want. For this reason, it makes it a little easier for the goal oriented eater to get the food/meals they want.

Factor 75
Factor 75

Whole nutritionally dense meal delivery service that caters to multiple dietary needs.


Final Word

Factor 75 offers a natural based food delivery service that focuses on providing meals catered to paleo and ketogenic based diets. I thought their weekly changing menu with the ability to select your meals was a cool feature. Additionally, the meals tasted exceptional and offered a diverse selection.

For those ordering meals in high volume looking for natural options, then I think Factor 75 does a good job at filling these demands.

Factor 75













  • Consistent Taste
  • Diverse Meals
  • Straight Forward Nutrition
  • Natural Ingredients


  • Slightly Inconsistent Textures


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