How To Watch Hafthor Bjornsson’s 501kg Deadlift Attempt

Here are all the ways you can see "The Mountain" try for the heaviest deadlift ever.

Hype surrounding the 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion and 3-time Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) champion Hafthor Bjornsson 501kg/1,104lb deadlift attempt continues to build as the internet debates whether or not it should be considered the new official world record or not. 

“The Mountain” will perform the deadlift at his home gym in Reykjavik, Iceland with strongman Magnus Ver Magnusson present as the official referee.

Whether you agree that a successful attempt by Bjornsson outside of competition should be considered the new world record or not — and every big name strongman is weighing in on the discussion — here are all the ways that you can watch the lift happen live on Saturday, May 2nd.

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501kg is coming!! I’m super excited for this opportunity! Unfortunately due to the circumstances regarding Covid19 and the world wide actions being taken to prevent the spread, I will have to attempt this in Iceland and alone besides a small team of under 20 people. I’m excited to announce that in partnership with @worldsultimatestrongman we will be doing this live for you guys at home!! Check out the link in my bio if you want to tune in on May 2nd! 💪💪💪 . Edit: This will be recognised as a world record as there will be an official/judge there to make the call, and the event will be held to the same high standard that competitions are. I will be making the attempt with a suit, figure 8 straps and a deadlift bar.

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World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) announced their official broadcast partnership with ESPN earlier this month. ESPN will broadcast Bjornsson’s 501kg/1,104lb deadlift attempt live at 12pm EST (5pm GMT) on May 2nd  throughout the United States on ESPN2 — which was rebranded to “ESPN8: The Ocho” on March 22nd, 2020.

The 501kg/1,104lb deadlift attempt will also be live streamed on at 12pm EST for anyone around the globe. 


Rogue Fitness is the title sponsor of Bjornsson’s 501kg deadlift attempt and will be streaming it live via their YouTube channel.

The Build Up

Bjornsson has not been shy about his training leading up to the 501kg/1,104lb deadlift attempt. Recently, he streamed a successful 470kg/1,036lb deadlift live on Twitch from his garage gym. If you happened to miss that lift, you can see it below:

The World Record

Although WUS, ESPN, and Bjornsson himself have all advertised the 501kg/1,104lb deadlift attempt as a world record attempt, many other prominent strongmen such as Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst, and Zydrunas Savickas have voiced that they do not believe it should be considered as such because Bjornsson will be performing it outside of competition.

Regardless of what the record books deem to be the official world record deadlift, if Bjornsson’s attempt is successful, it would be the heaviest deadlift ever recorded.

Feature image from Hafthor Bjornsson’s Instagram page: @thorbjornsson