Watch 15 Year Old Joseph Wiedyk Deadlift Unofficial World Record 550lbs

Wiedyk has not yet to make his competitive debut and is already pulling some massive weight.

You may have never heard of the 15-year-old powerlifter named Joseph Wiedyk because he has not yet made his competitive debut. However, the weight that he can move is certainly at the competitive level.

Check out Wiedyk deadlift a gargantuan 249.5kg/550lb raw wearing jeans and a flannel in the post below from his Instagram page:

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At the time of this lift, Wiedyk’s bodyweight was 84kg/185lb. Had this lift been in a sanctioned event, he would have been competing in the -90kg class where the current world record deadlift in the teenage division (13-15 years old), according to Open Powerlifting, is 245kg/540lb by Eric Lilliebridge. That means that weighing 6kg/13lb less than the -90kg class allows, Wiedyk pulled 4.5kg/10lb more for an unofficial world record.

This was a called shot, too. Two weeks ago Wiedyk hit a 240kg/530lb personal best deadlift where he said 550lb was on the way. Check out that lift below where he is again rocking his jeans and flannel combo:

That’s a lot of weight to tack on in just two weeks lifting in what appears to be a wood shop.

Although Wiedyk has not yet made his competitive debut, his unofficial world record made it to King of the Lifts’ Instagram page where a lot of followers began comparing Wiedyk to the now 30-year-old Eric Lilliebridge.

Many followers argued about Wiedyk’s form, but assuming Wiedyk continues to improve, having a trajectory similar to Lilliebridge’s would make for a decorated career. After all, Lilliebridge currently holds the world record total in the -140kg weight class has won forty of the forty-nine events he’s competed in and only missed the podium three times.

When Wiedyk does finally step into the competitive scene, we’re excited to see the kind of weight he can move.

Feature image from Joseph Wiedyk’s Instagram page: @joe__lifts