Kimberly Walford Deadlifts a Huge 250kg, Seven Kilos Over Her World Record

Thirty-nine-year-old powerlifter Kimberly Walford made a deadlift this weekend that exceeded her IPF raw world record by seven kilograms (15.4 pounds). That record is held in the -72kg weight class and while it’s not totally clear how much she weighs right now, this is nonetheless an extraordinary lift with some very extraordinary hype. This clip is worth watching before you try your next max deadlift.

Who wouldn’t PR with Ray Williams cheering them on like that?

Swedish world record holder Isabella Von Weissenberg popped into the comments section to say, “Incredible job Kim 😍 you’re unlimited!” to which Walford replied, “thank you Sis, I’m excited for the possibilities.”

The lift was made at a meet hosted by Walford and IPF world record holder Ray Williams called the Kim & Ray Speed Power Strength Invitational 2018, held at Speed Power Strength Gym in Oakland, California. Walford and Williams weren’t competing and lifted after the meet was over.

Walford holds two IPF deadlift world records in the -63kg class (221kg/487.2lb) and the -72kg class (243kg/535.7lb) as well as the -72kg world record total (540kg/1,190.5lb).

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 She posted with her lift,

The Speed Power Strength crew put on amazing meet. Ray and I lifted after the meet. It felt great to pay homage to all the people who attended the meet. Thank you guys for coming , supporting, and being a part of the powerlifting family!!

At the same meet, Williams himself made a squat of 467 kilograms (1,030 pounds), a weight that’s almost 98 percent of his world record 477.5kg (1,053lb) lift from last year’s Arnold Classic. Watch his latest lift below.

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We’re certainly hoping the Kim & Ray Speed Power Strength Invitational becomes a regular event.

Featured image via @trackfu on Instagram.