Weightlifter Fernando Reis Goes Big With a 230kg Jerk Triple

‘Welp, I guess I should just pack it up and go home.’ These were the thoughts going through my head last night as I deadlifted and watched the Instagram video below. In the latest edition of super heavyweight weightlifters moving insane strength feats, we have Brazilian weightlifter Fernando Reis who just successfully jerked what many consider a heavy(ish) deadlift for a triple.

Thus far in 2018, Reis has been on a warpath and his latest Instagram video highlighting a 230kg jerk triple from blocks is a perfect example of what we mean. And while the weight is crazy impressive, check out his squeaky clean re-rack.

In his video’s description he writes, “Finishing the second session of the day with a strong 230kg for a tripple. That s definitely my best tripple ever. Aiming the 2018 Worlds.”

This latest video of Reis is definitely building more hype towards what his performance will entail at the 2018 IWF World Championships, which are set to kick off on November 1st and run through the 10th.

Fernando Reis In 2018

We mentioned it above that Reis is having a stellar 2018, and below we’ve included a quick synopsis of some of his successes from this year.

In January, Reis won the 2018 Wodapalooza Weightlifting Face Off for the men’s competition, then put on a spectacular show in March at the 2018 Arnold Classic where he hit a lifetime personal best 242kg clean & jerk. This 242kg clean & jerk was not only a lifetime PR, but also an unofficial Pan American Record over Reis’ current 240kg Pan Am Record that he set at the 2017 IWF World Championships.

Then fast forward to May, and Reis walked away with a solid first place finish at the 2018 Senior Pan American Weightlifting Championships. Here, he broke his current Pan American Snatch Record of 200kg with a 201kg third attempt make, and finished with a 235kg second attempt clean & jerk (missing a 245kg third).

These two lifts earned him a strong total of 436kg.

Judging from his last video, we’re expecting big things from Reis at this year’s IWF World Championships.

Feature image from @rreisfernando Instagram page.