Four-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Crushes an 11-Exercise Shoulder and Triceps Workout at 49 Years Old

The bodybuilding icon says he’s working toward his “Fit for 50” challenge.

Jay Cutler hasn’t stepped foot onto a bodybuilding stage as a competitor since 2013, when he came in sixth at his final Mr. Olympia. Despite that, the four-time Sandow winner still keeps himself in top-tier shape in retirement.

Cutler has recently hit the gym so hard that it spurred rumors of a potential return at 2023’s planned Masters Olympia relaunch. He shot those rumblings down immediately, instead revealing his attention is on his 50th birthday. More specifically, he’s challenging himself to get in the best shape he’s been in since retiring by the time he turns 50 in August 2023.

To do that, Cutler is hitting the gym heavy and often, as seen in the video below that he posted to his YouTube channel on November 28, 2022. In the video, Cutler takes part in a shoulder and triceps workout at Elev8tion Gym in Las Vegas, NV.

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Jay Cutler’s Shoulders and Triceps Workout

Before Cutler starts his workout, he mentions that he began his day with 30 minutes on the stair climber for his cardio. Next up was the 11-exercise workout, which included two calf exercises at the end. Here’s a rundown of the moves:

Cutler’s Tips

Cutler didn’t break down the sets or reps involved in this workout, but he did give tips on a few select exercises throughout.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Cutler suggests setting the angle to a slight incline for this move, which he says could be easier for lifters with shoulder pain. Cutler increased the weight with each set, finishing with 85-pound dumbbells.

Rear Delt Cable Crossover Flyes

Cutler prefers hitting rear delts with cable crossover flyes as opposed to using machines or ropes. In an Instagram post from Nov. 15, 2022, he went into more detail on this move, which he’s used since his Mr. Olympia days.

For Cutler, this cable crossover provides constant tension on and isolation of the rear delts that he says other exercises can’t match. It’s a simple move that doesn’t require much load. His goal is sets of 12 reps.

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Seated Triceps Extension Machine

Though there is no concrete rule one has to follow, triceps oftentimes get paired up with chest or biceps in a body part workout split. So, why does Cutler choose to combine his shoulders and triceps into one day? The answer is simple: “I hate training arms,” Cutler admits. “[​It’s] just not hard enough for me.”

Combining shoulders and triceps into one workout likely allows Cutler to enjoy himself more than a dedicated triceps/biceps day would.

Cable Triceps Pushdowns

Cutler’s grip is wide on these cable triceps pushdowns by design. He uses the lat pulldown bar attachment to get it right and positions his hands nearly shoulder-width apart. Again, he aims for 12 reps per set.

Kneeling Rope Pushdowns

Cutler doesn’t have a concrete reason behind preferring a kneeling position for this move, but he has a better feel for this angle.

​​”[For] some reason, when I’m on the floor, and I’m lower, I can really get contraction in my triceps, so I like that,” Cutler says.

Post-Workout Meal

Cutler heads to his car to load up on some food, which consists of a muffin, banana, and a protein shake. He stresses the importance of getting immediate protein after lifting, usually within 20 to 45 minutes. And while protein powder is typically perfect for that tight window, he mentions he usually tries to eat more “digestible” whole foods within an hour after that.

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