22-Year-Old Pavlo Nakonechnyy Squats 395kg for An Easy Double

+120kg powerlifter Pavlo Nakonechnyy is having quite an impressive week of training!

22-year-old powerlifter Nakonechnyy Pavlo is lifting well beyond his age. The +120 kg athlete showed off a video of himself this week squatting 395kg or 870.8 lbs for two reps.

What is even more impressive about this training session is that he casually captioned that this was his first easy squat in this cycle. To be fair, the young athlete not only said it was easy, but he looked insanely smooth through both squats, too. 

In his Instagram video’s description he writes, First easy squat in this cycle – 395 kg for 2 reps


In the powerlifting world, Pavlo has already made a name for himself in the +120kg weight class. He’s competed a fair amount internationally, and swept first place in the junior age category at the 2017 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. His last competition was the European Classic Championships in 2018, and he finished in second place overall in the junior category.

His 395kg double is even more impressive considering at the European Classic Championships his best squat was 379.9kg or 837.7 lbs. So in a year’s time, Pavlo has turned 21 and can now can squat more than his competition best for two! 


This past week has featured more than an impressive squat session for Pavlo, he’s also showed off a solid bench and viking press session as well. His best bench press is 245.48 kg 541.2 lbs and he completed this at the European Classic Championships, and this week he benched 250kg for two reps. 

Bench press – 250 kg for 2 reps


We’re excited to see Pavlo take the platform next, because it is pretty obvious that over the past year the young athlete has improved in all of his lifts exponentially.

Across all federations, Pavlo is tied with fellow +120kg powerlifter Luke Richardson for a Junior World Record Total of 1010.5kg or 2227.7 lbs. He totaled this weight in 2018 at the European Classic Championships.

What’s next for Pavlo? From his hints about this being the easy part of his training cycle, we’re confident he’ll be competing sometime soon.

Feature image from @nakonechnyy_pavlo Instagram page.