See Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crush a TRX Workout

The second woman to ever be confirmed to the Supreme Court is the subject of a lot of media in 2018: the documentary RBG, the biopic On the Basis of Sex, and an unusual number of outlets have been filming her workouts.

As media attention on Ruth Bader Ginsburg reaches new heights, CNN International has followed her to the gym for an interesting look at how the 85-year-old Associate Justice of the Supreme Court stays fit and when we saw how much more time she spends on strength than cardio, we knew it was worth highlighting.

Watch the short below.

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CNN notes that RBG attributes her long career to her fitness routine, and her trainer Bryant Johnson has even written a book called “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong… and You Can Too!”

Funnily enough, he also trains Justice Kagan and Justice Bryer and in a CNBC article he gave more info about the exercises he prescribes.

Full-strength planks, push-ups, chest and shoulder presses, bicep and leg curls, one-legged squats and knee raises, pull downs, cable-rows. Inner- and outer-thigh. Glute work.

“She is like a machine, she keeps going, she keeps going,” he adds. “She can come in there with only one hour of sleep, or two hours of sleep, and she is still committed to doing the workout.”

The oldest justice on the Supreme Court, earlier this year she invited Stephen Colbert to join her and Johnson for a workout at the Watergate Apartments in Washington, D.C.

The workout starts at 3:36.

As you can see, pretty much all the same kinds of exercises as were shown in the CNN video, though she spends a bit more time pumping her tris and delts. As Colbert puts it, if he got to spend all day in a robe he’d probably be happy to stop exercising and gain a bunch of body fat — props to RBG for staying strong.

Featured image via CNN International on Facebook.