Weightlifter Toshiki Yamamoto Squats an Incredible 300kg Triple

Japanese weightlifter Toshiki Yamamoto is finishing off 2018 incredibly strong both literally and figuratively. We’ve written about Yamamoto’s squat on a few occasions, but this latest squat set may be his most impressive set to date.

Over the weekend, Yamamoto shared a crazy smooth back squat triple with 300kg/660 lbs. This set is well over three times Yamamoto’s competitive bodyweight in the -89kg weight class, which is impressive in itself, but to hit this set for a triple is remarkable. To extend on that point, the comments below the video have left all of Yamamoto’s fans completely enamored with his ability to move massive weight while making it look like nothing. Check out the massive set below.


If you’re already a Yamamoto fan, then more than likely you know he can move big weight, especially in the squat. In fact, this year alone as we mentioned above, we’ve written on his incredible squat strength on a few occasions.

Most recently, we covered one of Yamamoto’s squat sets when he hit 290kg/639 lbs for four reps. After posting this set, the strength sports social media community were completely floored by his strength and Yamamoto’s video went viral for a week or so after posting, and amassed a massive 500k views on his personal page and nearly 250k on ours when we re-shared it. You can check that squat out below.


And if you want to be more impressed with Yamamoto’s leg strength, then we suggest checking out this article we wrote on him earlier in the summer when he squatted 200kg/440 lbs for 20-reps. If you’ve ever trained with 20-rep squat sets, and know how absolutely grueling they can be, then you probably already realize how impressive that set above is. With another huge squat triple in the bag, it looks like Yamamoto is ready as ever to tackle 2019’s competitive season.

Feature image from @toshikis170j210 Instagram page.