Bowflex home gyms comes in all shapes and sizes, and will match a variety of fitness needs. Often times, a home gym will be best for those looking to achieve the benefit of working out without leaving the comfort of their home. Something that makes Bowflex gyms unique is their versatility and how they cover multiple areas of a gym-goer’s wants and needs.

This article will dive into a few of the most popular Boxflex models both newer and older. We’ll look at how each home gym could benefit various needs, which are listed below.

Key Features of Bowflex Home Gyms

There are a few consistent variables across all of the Bowflex models to keep in mind. First, every model offers Bowflex’s signature power rods, which are rods with varied levels of resistance. They’re lightweight compared to your standard metal equipment, and are designed to be durable. Second, every Bowflex model comes with some form of warranty offered through Bowflex, and will vary depending on the model. New models tend to have longer warranties.

Third, Bowflex models come in two forms, which include: Compact and Non-Compact. The compact models don’t include a bench aspect, which can save you a little room if that’s a concern of yours. Lastly, each model offers at the very least 30 exercises, which make them all versatile pieces of equipment for full-body and body part specific workouts.

Best Bowflex Home Gym Picks


Best Bowflex Model With Extra Features

We think the best Bowflex model that comes with additional features is the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

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This is one of Bowflex’s newest compact models and allows an athlete to perform over 70 exercises. On top of that, it comes with a descriptive exercise manual, which is key for learning the wide variety of movements. It comes with a lat pull-down bar, and leg extension attachment. Additionally, the warranty on this model is one of the best Bowflex offers. The frame is covered for 7-years, while the power rods have a lifetime warranty.

The second best Bowflex with additional key features is the Bowflex Blaze. This machine offers slightly fewer exercises than the Xtreme 2 SE and comes in offering over 60 movements. One fundamental key feature that makes this home gym unique is the fold down bench attachment. This allows a gym-goers to perform a variety of supine movements, which compact models don’t offer. The Blaze’s frame is covered for one year, while the power rods have a five year warranty.

Best Bowflex for Versatility

Our pick for the best bowflex for versatility is the Bowflex PR1000, and it earns our number one spot for a few reasons.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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First, it has a sliding bench press, which the compact models don’t offer. This enables a lifter to perform a variety of movements with the ability to lie flat or on an elevated surface. Second, the price is one of the lowest for Bowflex models and comes in at $477.00, so a variety of folks can purchase this model without making a huge dent on their wallet. Lastly, since the bench folds up, then it will fit in a variety of spaces, which is a key factor for anyone with limited space.

Our second pick for versatility and Bowflex models is the Bowflex PR3000. This machine could best be described as the PR1000’s big brother. It’s a compact model, so there’s no fold down bench, which cuts down on some of the maximal space needs that come with bench included models. It offers over 50 exercises, and comes with informational content to help a gym-goer workout. The price tag of $732.00 is pretty fair too, especially for the specs that come with this machine.

Best Bowflex for Ease of Use

Our top pick for ease of use is the Bowflex PR3000, and we made this pick for two main reasons.

Bowflex PR3000

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The main reason for our pick is the content that comes with this model. It has an in-depth exercise manual, images on the machine, and unlocks the Bowflex Full Body Plan on their site. All of these factors make learning movements incredibly easy, and even provide a gym-goer with workout ideas. Our second reason is the compactness that comes with this model. We like the simple design, and how many exercises you can perform on this machine.

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym makes our second pick for ease of use. We like how this machine offers over 70 exercises and comes with a descriptive manual. With a huge variety of exercises and manual, then a gym-goer can easily formulate their own workouts, or follow some of Bowflex’s examples. In addition, this machine is also a compact model, which makes selecting postures to lift in slightly easier because there’s no option of the bench, so a lifter has less choices.

Best Bowflex Home Gym for the Warranty

Our pick for best Bowflex home gym for the warranty is the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

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All of the Bowflex models offer pretty solid warranties, but since this is a newer model it tops our list because it has the best warranty deal. They provide a 7-year warranty of the machine’s frame, and a lifetime warranty on the power rods. It’s not often you see a home gym with a near decade warranty matched a lifetime guarantee.

The Bowflex PR3000 is our second pick for the warranty. This machine offers slightly less time than the Xtreme 2 SE, but it’s still relatively good compared to other pieces of home gym equipment. This machine comes with a 7-year warranty on the power rods, a one year warranty on the machine’s frame, and a 60-day warranty on the additional pieces of Bowflex equipment like the lat pull-down bar and handles.

Best Bowflex for the Money

If you’re looking to spend the least amount possible for the most versatility, then the Bowflex Blaze could be the best option for your money.

Bowflex Blaze

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This model isn’t the cheapest model Bowflex offers, but offer the most versatility for the money. The price tag comes in at $721.00, which is a good price for how much this machine offers. It’s an amount you can pay all at once, or easily finance through some online retailers. We like that you can perform over 60 exercises and that there’s a fold down bench to provide an extra level of versatility in a workout.

Our second pick for the money is the Bowflex PR1000 and comes it at a price of $466.00, which is pretty affordable for many folks. In addition, it’s an amount that one can typically pay all at once, so there will be no lingering finance payments. For most of their machines Bowflex offers financing options, but for someone who’s looking for the cheapest model possible, then the PR1000 is going to be your best bet.

In Conclusion

Bowflex home gyms each offer a lot of similarities, but each come with a few defining features. If you’re interested in purchasing a Bowflex, then I’d assess how they stack up in the above five categories, along with your fitness needs and wants. Each model offers areas of uniqueness, so there will most likely be a machine that is the best compromise to match all of your wants.

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