Onnit Total Human Review

This multivitamin product covers a wide range of your daytime and nighttime needs with two convenient daily packets of Onnit’s most popular supplements.

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When it comes to finding the right multivitamin, there are so many options available on the market that it might make your head spin. If you want a robust, well thought out supplement with a 360-degree approach to multivitamin supplementation, look no further than Onnit Total Human. Total Human contains ten of Onnit’s best-selling supplements, all stacked together in two daily packs to assist your daytime and nighttime needs separately. Onnit Total Human provides a daytime pack with seven of their staple supplements and a nighttime pack with six of their supplements. Each pack contains eight pills, totaling 16 pills per day, but we think this is one of the most complete multis you can take. 

The daytime pack includes Alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE, and Total Human B Complex. The nighttime pack includes New MOOD, VIRUTech, and Key Minerals; and both the daytime and nighttime packs include Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. When you opt to buy Onnit Total Human, you save 40 percent off of the regular price it would cost you to buy each of these supplements individually. The full price for a 30-day supply of Onnit Total Human will cost you $137.95, or $4.60 per day. Onnit Total Human is a multivitamin best suited for those who want to take a multifaceted and robust approach to supplementation — and those who won’t shy away from having to swallow a couple large packets of pills and capsules daily.

Main Takeaways

  • Onnit Total Human comes in daytime and nighttime packs, which contain seven and six separate supplements, respectively (but there are ten different supplements overall, as three overlap in both the day and night packs).
  • Each packet contains eight pills for a total of 16 pills per day. This may sound like a lot, but this is a truly complete multivitamin option.
  • This multi is extremely multifaceted and includes a variety of supplements, like krill oil, spirulina, 5-HTP, and a vitamin B complex.
Onnit Total Human
Onnit Total Human
Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human is a multivitamin supplement that comes in individual packets of supplements for each day and night. Each packet includes an array of supps, from a B complex to antioxidants and even spirulina. 

Onnit Total Human Highlights

Onnit Fitness and Nutrition is a company that is best known for their supplements and their kettlebell line. The company’s aim is to optimize the body for peak performance through nutrition, fitness, and supplementation. Total Human is one of their more elaborate and staggeringly robust products as it contains 10 of their supplements available in one convenient package. 

This is the perfect choice for those who are indecisive about what they want to include in their supplement line up, anyone who wants to take a full approach to multi supplementation, or folks who want to try it all but don’t want to pay retail price to do so. Onnit Total Human is split into day and night packs that contain ten of Onnit’s most popular supplements. The daytime pack includes Alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Ston BONE, Total Human B Complex, Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. The nighttime pack includes supplements New MOOD, VIRUTech, Key Minerals, Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella.

Each pack contains eight pills for a total of sixteen pills daily. This pack addresses a multitude of needs, including mental health, physical health, bone health, joint health, and immune system health, to name a few. This multi is on the more expensive side, costing you around $4.60 per day, but because you’re taking ten supplements for that price — three of which you’ll take in both the day and night packs — it ends up being a far more reasonable cost.

Who Should Buy Onnit Total Human

  • Folks who want a robust stack of ten supplements in two convenient day and night packs.
  • Those who want to save money on an extensive number of supplements. When you opt to buy this product, you save 40 percent off of what you’d pay for all of these supps individually. 
  • Those who want to supplement for multiple needs, including potential boosts in immune health, cognitionfocusmental health, and physical health

Who Shouldn’t Buy Onnit Total Human

  • Anyone who struggles with taking pills may not enjoy the 16 pills you’ll have to take daily here. 
  • Anyone who is on a budget and has specific needs can find a less expensive supplement — such as a single-pill multivitamin.
  • Those who want a simpler formula. This is ten supplements in one package and may be too much for those who want something a bit more straightforward.

Price and Buying Options

Onnit Total Human has a plethora of buying options available. The most basic buying option is to buy a 30-day supply where you’ll pay almost $140.00 for the full package. If you opt to buy a 60-day supply, the price drops to almost $105.00 per each 30-day supply, which saves you about $69.00 in total. If you decide you want to buy 90 days of Total Human up front, you’ll pay about $95.00 per 30-day box, saving you almost $125.00 — and this option includes a free gift of some of their other supplements. 

Onnit also offers a subscribe and save option, which will save you 15 percent on a 30-day supply (about $20.00 off per box). With subscribe and save for the 60-day supply, you’ll save about $40.00 per box, while subscribing to the 90-day supply will save you closer to $65.00. 

Onnit Total Human Overall

This multivitamin is about as comprehensive as a supplement can get. It contains ten of Onnit’s top products that are diverse in purpose, aiming to fill nutritional gaps, maintain overall wellness, and benefit mental and physical health. Onnit Total Human provides a daytime pack, which is geared more towards focus, energyand nutrition, while the nighttime pack focuses on stress reliefrecovery, and better sleep.

There are supplements that support bone healthjoint healthmental health, and emotional health, as well as some that are meant to provide the daily vitamins and minerals that can help your body function more optimally. Both the daytime and nighttime packs require you to take eight pills for a total of sixteen pills a day and have seven and six different supplements respectively. Three of those supplements — Krill Oil, Spirulina & Chlorella, and Shroom Tech Immune — are in both the daytime and nighttime packs.


Onnit Total Human comes with 10 different supplements all in one convenient stack split between day and night packs. There are ten different supplements in this product, and each has a unique ingredient list and purpose. Below we dive into each supplement in greater detail to paint a more vivid picture of what they can do for you. 

Daytime Pack

The daytime pack includes Alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE, and Total Human B Complex. These supplements are meant to support focus, energyendurance, and mental and physical health. This pack requires you to take eight pills in the morning to start your day off strong.


Alpha BRAIN aims to improve cognitive function, and contains three proprietary blends — Onnit Flow Blend, Onnit Focus Blend, and Onnit Fuel Blend — as well as vitamin B6 and cat’s claw extract, both of which are not in a blend. This supp contains 588 percent of your vitamin B6 needs, which may play a role in regulating mental function and mood, and may be beneficial for those who suffer from depressionfatigue, and tension. (1) The addition of l-theanine might be beneficial for promoting mental health, while tyrosine is a precursor to serotonin, which may affect mood, cognition, learning, and memory. (2)(3) Both are present in a proprietary blend though, so their exact dosages are not disclosed.

Shroom Tech SPORT

Shroom Tech SPORT contains 750mcg of vitamin B12, 200mcg of chromium, Shroom Tech 02 Blend, and Shroom Tech Adaptogen Blend. It’s geared toward potentially improving performance in exercise and sport. This blend contains adaptogens ashwagandha, green tea extract, rhodiola root extract, and cordycep mushrooms. Adaptogens have been shown to potentially increase mental performance and physical working capabilities with just a single administration. (4)

Stron BONE

Stron BONE, much to its name’s credit, aims to create more durable bones, fight the aging/deterioration of bones, and support bone vitality. It includes ingredients, such as 680mg of strontium, 90mcg of vitamin K2, 67mg of vitamin E, 80mg of potassium, 150mcg of boron, and 2mg of copper. Two studies suggested that there was a positive correlation between supplementing with copper, and slowing down bone mineral loss and supporting bone metabolism. (5) Vitamin E may be an effective supplement for post-menopausal women for maintaining bone density as they age. (6)

Total Human B Complex

There are eight B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 — and Total Human B Complex serves all eight at over 100 percent of your recommended daily intake. B vitamins may play a role in energy production, cellular production, brain function, physiological function, and neurological function. (7) Supplementing with vitamin B12 may even help your body defend itself from chronic diseases and is a complementary vitamin that may make other supplements more effective. (8)

Nighttime Pack

The nighttime pack includes New MOOD, VIRUTech, and Key Minerals. It also requires taking eight pills to end your day, and aims to address your physical, mental, and emotional needs that may help you relax your body and mind for restful sleep. This pack may also supply your body with supplements to help fuel recovery, so you wake up feeling refreshed and refueled. 


New MOOD is Onnit’s “chill pill” and is meant to balance stress, boost serotonin, improve mood, and enhance sleep. It includes some major potentially feel good ingredients, like 150mg of 5-HTP, 40mg of magnesium, 400mg of tryptophan, 30mg of B3, 20mg of B6, and 25mcg of vitamin D. 5-HTP is of particular interest here, as it can help increase serotonin production, which in turn, may improve sleep, depression, anxiety, appetite, and temperature. Furthermore, it has been used to potentially treat depression, chronic headaches, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. (9)


VIRUTech is the antioxidant support blend, which is meant to support your immune system in times of imbalance and sickness. It contains 500mg of vitamin C, 150mcg of selenium, 11mg of zinc, and a proprietary blend with l-lysine. Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient that may contribute to overall immune health by potentially supporting the defenses against germs and oxidative stress. (10)

Key Minerals

The human body is incapable of manufacturing its own minerals, and therefore, humans must obtain minerals from their food sources or a supplement. If you’re concerned that your diet is leaving nutritional gaps, Key Minerals has you covered with calcium, molybdenum, magnesium, iodine, and boron. Calcium, for example, is the most abundant mineral in the human body, makes up two percent of body weight, and can help with skeletal and regulatory functions. (11) This formula contains 500mg of calcium per serving. 

Both Day & Night Packs

There are three supplements that both the daytime and nighttime packs include. Shroom Tech IMMUNE, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. These supplements can help improve immune system health, maintain healthy joints, and provide some superfood ingredients to your daily regimen. 

Shroom Tech IMMUNE

Shroom Tech IMMUNE is formulated with the intention of stimulating adaptive responses, supporting cellular integrity, and aiding in immune system defense. It contains two proprietary blends: Onnit Myco Immune Blend, which contains various types of mushrooms, and the Onnit Nutri-Immune Blend, which contains ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, and oregano. One study suggests that mushrooms may have beneficial medicinal properties, especially for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. (12)

Krill Oil

Krill oil is likened to fish oil or omega-3 supplements, and is often utilized by those who suffer from joint pain. It may be extra beneficial to those who suffer from joint pain in the knees. (13) This supplement has 1,000mg of krill oil, which provides 450mg of phospholipids, 240mg of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and 200mcg of astaxanthin. It also contains ethyl vanillin, which may help combat fishy aftertaste, as well as those dreaded fishy burps some fish and krill oils leave behind. 

Spirulina & Chlorella 

Two different green superfoods, spirulina and chlorella, form a complete protein when paired together (something must contain all nine essential amino acids to be considered a complete protein), and offer a large number of vitamins and minerals. This formula only contains 1,000mg of spirulina and 1,000mg of chlorella as active ingredients, and comes in vegetarian capsules. 

What To Consider Before Buying Onnit Total Human

As this is such a robust multivitamin supplement, it may take a bit more consideration before adding to your supplement stack. Onnit Total Human has many supplements with many ingredients, sports a hefty price tag, and requires 16 pills each day. We detail a few things you may want to think about before adding this supplement to your regimen below. 

Supplements Included

Onnit Total Human is equipped with 10 different supplements that you’ll take every day. If you’re looking for a very robust approach at multivitamin supplementation, this is a great choice for you. If there are some supplements that you’re interested in trying, but don’t want to introduce too many at once, or feel that 10 supplements is more than you’re wanting, it may be best to skip this. 

By purchasing Total Human over individual supplements, you’re saving about 40 percent off of the retail price you’d pay individually for each supplement. They’re also in tiny packets for day and nighttime, which makes it easy to track and take your vitamins without having to open up ten bottles and dose correctly. Another benefit of purchasing Total Human is that you get the same amount of each supplement at purchase. Purchasing individually rather than as part of the pack may set you up to have 80 of one supplement and only 60 of another. 

It’s also helpful to think about what type of supplementation you’re truly seeking. If you’re looking for a simple multivitamin, this may be overkill. If you’re wanting to start a stack from scratch, this may be a least expensive and fully robust way to do so. If you’re someone who enjoys the idea of having all of your bases covered, want to spend less money, and still have a high-quality supplement stack to take, this is an excellent option for you.


Onnit Total Human is 10 supplements in one space, and therefore, sports a higher price tag than many multivitamin supplements on the market. This 10-in-one is going to cost you around $4.60 per day, which includes seven supplements for the daytime and six supplements in the nighttime pack. This is definitely a high price for a multivitamin, and if you’re budget conscious, this may not be the product for you.

It is great to note that opting for Onnit Total Human will save you 40 percent off what you’d pay if you bought each of these supplements individually. Onnit also provides options to buy more upfront and save, as well as a subscribe and save option. Realistically, this multivitamin isn’t like a regular multivitamin as it offers a much more robust range of supplements, but the price point is especially important to consider when it’s on the higher end like this one is. 


All of the supplements included in Onnit Total Human come in pill form. Both the daytime and nighttime packs require you to take eight pills each, or 16 in total, and therefore, it’s important to consider how realistic this is for you. If you have no trouble swallowing pills, this may not bother you. For those who find it difficult to swallow pills, cannot swallow pills at all, or see this as an undesirable task, you may want to find a gummy, oil, or powder way to take your multivitamin supplement. 

Final Word

Many look to multivitamin supplements to fill nutritional gaps, optimize mental health, increase physical health, or combat some sort of ailment. Onnit Total Human goes beyond the basics that many multivitamins provide and offers a robust product to potentially address a plethora of needs within one space. As it contains ten supplements in two easy packs, the convenience factor is unparalleled. 

Total Human is split into daytime and nighttime packs containing seven and six supplements, respectively with 16 pills per day in total. This stack contains some of Onnit’s most loved supplements (like Alpha BRAIN, Krill Oil, and more), but at forty percent of the regular cost you’d pay if you bought each supplement individually. If you want to take a multifaceted approach to multivitamin supplementation without paying for the equivalent of ten supplements, Onnit Total Human may be a great choice for you.


What makes Onnit Total Human different from other multivitamins?

Onnit Total Human isn’t like other multivitamin supplements because it isn’t just one supplement. Although with some supplements you may take a few pills, Onnit Total Human is ten supplements in one convenient and less expensive package. Total Human comes in daytime and nighttime packs with eight pills each. Both of these packs cater toward various daytime- and nighttime-specific needs.

Is Onnit Total Human worth the price?

Objectively, when you look at the price of each of these individual supplements and compare it to the price of Onnit Total Human, it is worth the money. Compared to a regular multivitamin, Onnit Total Human is expensive. When you look at the bigger picture of what Total Human encompasses, it is a well-reflected price tag. In the end, it’s up to you and your budget as to what makes sense to help you best reach your goals.

Why do I need all ten supplements in Onnit Total Human?

Although you don’t need any supplements to be healthy, they can be helpful in reaching certain nutrition and fitness goals. Onnit Total Human is a ten-in-one supplement, which makes it unique compared to most other multivitamins. Onnit takes an approach that goes beyond filling nutritional gaps. It provides a comprehensive lineup of supplements that can help further your mental and physical health. This is one option out of many that may be a good fit for you, but ultimately it is up to  you whether or not you want a basic multi, or a multifaceted approach to multivitamin supplementation — like you receive with Onnit Total Human.


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