Jujimufu’s Insane Gym Equipment Shopping Spree Will Make Gear Heads Jealous AF

The powerlifter and fitness personality is pulling out all the stops for his new public gym.

Jon Call, aka Jujimufu, is one of the most popular fitness personalities in the strength sports space. He is a decorated powerlifter, has dabbled in bodybuilding and weightlifting, trained with elite strongmen, and has pulled off some awe-inspiring feats of strength and flexibility. He films it all for his YouTube channel, which has 1.31 million subscribers. His videos feature some pretty crazy pieces of fitness equipment: a 20-foot tall swing set to perform ring dips and muscle-ups, the world’s largest trampoline to put his gymnastic skills to the test, and a sandpit to practice backflips.

Call recently completed his home gym and now is partnering with gym accessory company Grip Genie to open a public warehouse gym. There’s no word on when the gym will officially open, but it will be available to the public when it is. On May 10, 2021, Call released footage of his gym equipment shopping spree for the new space.

We’ll dive into the unexpected strength equipment Jujimufu pontificated about adding to his public gym along with the foundational must-haves. But first, check out the full video below of his shopping experience at the New & Used Gym Store in Hickory, NC below, courtesy of Call’s YouTube channel:

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Shopping For Strength

Getting the basics out of the way, Call went into the Gym Store with a list of must-haves for this new warehouse gym — where people will be able to train and potentially meet him in the flesh. With a budget of approximately five to six grand, his list included staples that one would see in any legitimate training facility:

Along the way, Call tested out a chest press machine that allowed for incline presses, a biceps curl machine, a dip machine, two different triceps extension machines, and a chest flye machine with padding. He also checked out more obscure items, including a training cage with grip attachments on pull-up bars to allow the user’s grip to widen or narrow throughout the movement.


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Under Budget Gains

Ultimately, Call got all the items on his list for $3,000 — the man can apparently manage a budget as well as his macros. Of course, what would a gym outfitted by Jujimufu be without some equipment that gives the space a bit more pizazz? In addition to the above list, the gym also features an arm wrestling table, a deadlift jack (to load and unload a barbell more easily), plate trees, and free motion machines for shoulders and lats.

By Call’s own admission, this is just a starting point for this gym. He intends to hold meet-ups, train at the space, and, eventually, host competitions. We’ll have to wait and see what additions he has in store for the space, but if the opportunity to train alongside one of the more well-rounded athletes in the strength sports world sounds appealing, then business should be good.

Feature image: @jujimufu on Instagram