Watch World’s Strongest Man Athletes Read Mean Internet Comments

The second in what is fast becoming one of our favorite strongman traditions.

Internet Troll: “How come they’re the strongest in the world but they don’t have abs?”
JF Caron: “Abs is not a sign of power, it’s just a sign you’re not eating enough.”

That’s probably our favorite line in this great compilation of this year’s World’s Strongest Man finalists reading mean comments from internet trolls.

Laurence Shahlaei, Robert Oberst, and JF Caron all get the big question out of the way: 2017 champion Eddie Hall’s farts smell atrocious. We’re even gifted with footage of an Eddie Hall fart, while he’s eating at a restaurant with Oberst and Shaw. Caron even said a Hall fart once made him evacuate a room.

Accusations of fake weights, multiple admissions of pooping during lifts, and more jokes can be found in the video, and there’s even a surprisingly prescient moment from soon-to-be champion Martins Licis at 1.10.

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If you enjoyed this video, you have to see last year’s edition, called Strongmen Vs. Internet Trolls, which we’ve embedded below.

A bonus of this video is that it’s got four-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas, who was absent at this year’s event. For our money, he’s got the best lines:

Internet Troll: “They all look like Shrek.”
Savickas: “Not everybody, I look very pretty.”

Internet Troll: “None of you guys have balls right now.”
Savickas: “Fuck you!”

You’ve also got a younger Martins Licis admitting to being “the most stuck up man child in the universe.” After enjoying all the testosterone-drenched feats of raw power surrounding this year’s competition, it’s fun to get a taste of the lighter side of strongman.

The 2019 World’s Strongest Man wrapped up last week and the first episode airs at 1pm EST this Sunday, June 30th on CBS. For the full list of air dates, check out our guide to how to watch the World’s Strongest Man.

Featured image via The World’s Strongest Man on YouTube.